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Medical and Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking on any African Game Safari UK/Nomad Travel  tour that you have the relevant medical insurance. We require the details of your insurance policy for our records before you will be permitted to depart on tour so please have this ready before departure.  The medical insurance is vital in case of an emergency in a remote area (which is most areas we travel to) where you will have to be airlifted.

Please double check the small print of any ‘free’ credit-card insurance.  Your insurance must cover you in the instance that you need to be airlifted to a hospital. Many public hospitals in Africa are below western standards and are in 3rd world countries, you might have to be airlifted to South Africa for a simple problem.  Many insurance policies do not cover adrenaline sports i.e. bungee jumping and skydiving – please check this before you book the activity.

Medical insurance is usually relatively inexpensive and we recommend that you buy a separate policy in your country of origin.  If you purchase insurance in Africa please note that it will not cover you to be returned to your own country in the event of an emergency, it will only return you to the country in which you purchased the policy. Please ensure that your travel insurance also covers cancellation.